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Professional Project Option

If you pursue the professional project option, in addition to your core and capstone, you will take a 3 hour project course (CMCN 595) where you will develop with your instructor a professional project in advertising, international communication, interpersonal and organizational communication, mass communication, or public relations.  You may have the opportunity to work with real-world clients on campaigns, professional trainings, documentary videos, just to name a few possibilities.

In addition to the professional project, you will complete enough additional graduate-level communication electives (400G and 500-level courses) to earn a total of 33 hours of credit.  Please note that you are limited to 4 400G classes and two directed individual study classes.

As a component of the professional project track, you will sit for comprehensive exams on your core and area of specialization prior to beginning your project -- typically in your third semester of the program.  Exams must be completed prior to beginning your project. Typically exams are taken during a semester when you are also enrolled in courses.  However, if you sit for exams in a semester that you are not enrolled in coursework, you will need to register for three semester hours of CMCN 899.

Your exam committee will consist of someone from your area of specialization (usually your project director) as well as the faculty members with which you took communication research (including 580 or 581), theory, and law. (Even if you have the option to waive communication law, you are encouraged to take it if you plan to pursue comprehensive exams.) If for some reason these faculty are unavailable, they will be replaced with the most recent instructors of these courses. Working with your professors, you will prepare for the exams. Toward the end of your final semester, you will sit for two weekend days for 5 hours per day, and complete four exams in on theory, research, law, and your area of specialty. Once you pass the exams, you will proceed to the project stage.

Prior to registering for project hours, you will form a committee of three graduate faculty. Your chair must be from your area of specialization and your project must be based in that area. All members must be graduate faculty in the UL Lafayette Department of Communication. (Your project committee members may not necessarily be the same as your comprehensive exam graders.) Once you have formed your committee, you may not modify it unless a faculty member on your committee leaves the university.

During the semester you work on your project, you will first receive approval from your committee o fa project plan. Then you may proceed to complete the project. If project is not completed by the end of the semester, you will be required to register for an additional three hours of project the next semester to complete your work. 


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