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Prospective Students

We're so glad that you are interested in earning your Master of Science in Communication degree at UL Lafayette. In our program, you'll be prepared to advance in your field, pursue a career change, or earn your Ph.D.

Our master's in communication program is designed for full-time students and working professionals alike. All of our graduate courses are offered one night per week at 6 p.m. or offered online, so you can take your courses without interrupting with the progress you've already made in your career.

Whichever choice you find best for you, you should be able to complete our program in 30-33 semester hours (the equivalent of 10-11 classes). That's about two years if you are able to register for full time instruction.

In our program, you have the option of choosing a thesis or professional project track. In the thesis track, you will conduct scholarly research on a topic in your field that is selected in consultation with your committee. If you choose the professional project track, you will perform more practical research, producing a project such as—but not limited to—advertising or PR campaigns, documentary videos, corporate and organizational training seminars, and published multi-part series journalistic works.

Have questions? Want to know more about a specific area of study? Want to meet our faculty in person and see campus for yourself? Feel free to contact us any time.

Areas of Study

There are core courses that all master's in communication students take, plus you have the option to specialize in our five areas of study.

The Master of Science in Communication program offers you the opportunity to study in one of five concentrations in the field:

  • Advertising
  • International Communication
  • Interpersonal and Organizational Communication
  • Mass Communication (Broadcasting & Journalism)
  • Public Relations

You will find the program is structured to offer you professional development as well as preparation for future study at an advanced level, if advanced study is your goal.

The department's professional programs are nationally accredited and offer you a blend of general communication plus specialization in one of the five concentrations. Depending on your goals and interests, both thesis and professional project options are available. Courses offer a broad background; independent work can be arranged to enrich your special interests that may not be covered by an established course.

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