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Comprehensive Exams Option

The comps track will be 36-hour (minimum) of coursework, including a maximum of four 400G classes. In addition to this, students must pass comprehensive exams.

You will take comprehensive exams on core courses and your area of specialization. If you sit for exams in a semester that you are not enrolled in coursework, you will need to register for three semester hours of CMCN 899.

Your comprehensive exams committee will consist of the faculty members with which you took communication theory (CMCN 502), qualitative research (CMCN 506), quantitative research (CMCN 505), law (CMCN 508), and specialization. If for some reason these faculty members are unavailable, they will be replaced with the most recent instructors of these courses.

Working with your professors, you will prepare for the exams. Toward the end of your final semester, you will sit for three weekend days for 5 hours per day, and complete five or six exams on theory, research, law, and your area(s) of specialty.


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