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Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programs are designed so you'll learn the skills you need to adapt in an ever-evolving media landscape and gain a strong foundation in verbal, written, and visual communication. Strong communicators are a necessity in just about every industry, and we prepare you to apply your skills in whatever career you choose.

In each undergraduate program, you'll start with a broad range of liberal arts and sciences courses, followed by a well-structured curriculum of practical skills courses, conceptual courses, and career-preparation courses. By the end of your program you will have a compelling portfolio of work, a fresh skill set for your career of choice, and knowledge which will enable you both to pursue a current career and to envision new careers. 

All communication majors study new and/or traditional media design, communication law and ethics, and complete an internship. 

Majors and Concentrations

Any of our concentrations will give you a solid foundation in the principles of strong communication and help you apply those principles to the field you choose.

You may select from our two majors and five concentrations to customize your career path and gain the experience you'll need on the job.

Strategic Communication Major:

Mass Communication Major:


In your senior year, you'll complete an internship, which gives you real-world experience under the supervision of a professional in the field. You'll also take a capstone course, which will challenge you to utilize all the knowledge you've gained over the course of your undergraduate career and channel it into a major project, often done for an off-campus client.

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All communication majors are required to earn a minor, which requires 18 hours of courses in addition to the courses required for your major. If you're a communication major, you'll need to choose a minor outside of the Department of Communication. See the full list of minors.

We offer a range of communication minors for students in non-communication majors. We offer minors in: